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Changing Platforms: 30 Years of the Contemporary Music
Network Book and Poster with 2 CDs (contained in cardboard sleeves
bound into the book) Publisher:Unknown Public Ltd.;Catalogue
number:UP13; ISBN:0-954148-0-0

This is a celebratory book,
poster and compilation of selected recordings from artists who have
toured the UK through the organization of the Contemporary Music
Network from 1971 to 2000. It generally consists of previously released
recordings compiled from the artists’ original release record labels.
In the case of Erkki-Sven Tüür, the composition Passion has been extracted from the ECM recording Crystallisatio and the original recording details are identical to those on that CD’s page.

Composition by Erkki-Sven Tüür on Disc B
Track 12. Passion (1993) (for strings)
6:46 Tallinn Chamber Orchestra/Tõnu Kaljuste

Other artist’s recordings on this compilation
listing of the 23 other track details would be quite long and beyond
the scope of this website, but the other composers represented are:
Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies, Reich, Oxley, Oyelana, Glass, Stockhausen,
Bley, Westbrook, Souster, Scelsi, Messiaen, Cardew, Kurtág, Nyman,
Xenakis, Copland/Rollins, Adams, McLaughlin, Puccini, Kuvezin/Sevek and
Rossini. If anyone wishes to know further track details, they can write
to me at [email protected].

Other information and Links of interest
inclusion of the Erkki-Sven Tüür track here is to represent the UK tour
from November 24 to 26, 1998 (Durham, Huddersfield, London) of the
Estonian Philharmonic Choir/Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Tõnu Kaljuste
with a programme of works from Arvo Pärt’s Litany CD and Erkki-Sven
Tüür’s Crystallisatio CD. See also the listing under 1998 in the Erkki-Sven Tüür Concert Archive.
The 100 page book contains many anecdotes of the history of the
Contemporary Music Network tours and CMN organizer Beverley Crew
happily answers the interview question:”What has been your favourite
tour and why?” with the response:”If forced to choose it would probably
be a tie between the Pärt/Tüür tour, particularly the magical
performance in Durham Cathedral in the presence of the composers, and
the Arto Lindsay tour…”. For further information on the publisher,
please see their website www.unknownpublic.com. For further information
on the Contemporary Music Network, please see their website www.cmntours.org.uk.

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