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Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir: Jõululaulud (Christmas Songs)
EPCC no catalogue number (cassette only release)

No recording details are provided. Released in 1989. Cassette is labelled © Tõnu Kaljuste 1989.
Cassette inside cover contains a listing of the Carols/Christmas Songs & their sources with total timing 23’08”

All tracks are traditional international Carols or Christmas Songs sung in Estonian language versions.
Track 1. Ma tulen taevast ülevalt (I come from the Heavens above) (M. Luther) (1.52)
Track 2. Oh sa, õnnistav (Oh how blessed) (Italian Carol from the 18th Century) (1.51)
Track 3. Oh kuusepuu (Oh Christmas Tree) (German Carol) (3.14)
Track 4. Kui armsast jõulupuu nüüd hiilgab (How wonderfully the Christmas tree shines) (1.22)
Track 5. Maa on nii kaunis (The land is so beautiful) (Slesian melody / B.S.Ingemann) (2.53)
Track 6. Karjased, oh öelge meile (Shepherds, oh tell us) (French Carol) (2.23)
Track 7. Püha öö (Silent Night) (F. Gruber / J. Mohr) (3.29)
Track 8. Üks roosike on tõusnud (A Rose has arisen) (M. Praetorius) (3.20)
Track 9. Tasa, tasa (Gently, gently) (A. Maasalo / H. Auvinen) (3.14)
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste (+ there is an unidentified organist on track 9.)

Music Publishers
The publishing source for the scores on this recording is not identified.

Other Points of Interest and Links
further information exists on this cassette-only release of Christmas
Carols which was presumably self- produced by the EPCC and Tõnu
Kaljuste. The quality of the sound is excellent and the recording is
not from a live concert (i.e. no ambient audience sound or coughing).
There is no further identifying information on the paper cassette cover
or on the plastic cassette shell. Possibly only a few hundred copies
were produced. The total time of the cassette is 23’09”. This has never
been reissued in any format as of this writing in October 2002.

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