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Cathedral Voices – Great Sacred Choruses
Virgin Classics
7243 5 61788 2 3 – The 2 discs are individually numbered as 7243 5
61789 2 2 & 7243 5 61790 2 8 (European 1st edition)

is a 2CD compilation set released in 2000 with recordings selected from
the EMI Records Ltd./Virgin Classics Catalogues from the years 1983
through to 1999. There are no specific credits for the compilation

Selections conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste:
2. Track 8. Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943): Ave Maria [Bogoroditse
Dyevo] (from Vespers Op. 37) (2:36) Swedish Radio Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste

Disc 2. Track 15. Arvo Pärt (1935-): De profundis (1980) (5:14) Christopher Bowers-Broadbent:organ; Tõnu Kaljuste:percussion; Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste
complete listing of the details of the 29 tracks on this 2CD set is
beyond the scope of this website. I would recommend checking European
CD stores (whether on-line or otherwise) for this information. The page
at www.amazon.co.uk, for instance, has a fairly complete listing.

Commissions, Dedications and Awards

De profundis is dedicated to the composer Gottfried von Einem.

Music Publishers
score of the Ave Maria [Bogoroditse Dyevo] is a portion from the
complete score of Rachmaninov: Vespers Op. 37 which is published by
Boosey & Hawkes Ltd. The score of Arvo Pärt: De profundis is
published by Universal Edition Wien.

Other Points of Interest and Links
The CD booklet contains only minimal information on the sources of the
29 tracks with performers at least being detailed. The original years
of release are not provided. There is a generic note about choral music
by Adelaide de Place (translation by Hugh Graham) which is not specific
to the compilation at all. Recommended for completists only or for
those seeking a sampler introduction to sacred choral music. 2. For
further information, see the pages of the Rachmaninov: Vespers Op. 37
in either its 1995 original edition release or its 2000 reissue release. For the Arvo Pärt recording, see the original Beatus 1997 release. 3. The website for Virgin Classics Records is www.virginclassics.com.


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